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What we do

RAP Pop Top roofs are made of very high quality parts, all designed and manufactured in the UK. We supply and fit VW SWB and LWB T5, T6 and T6.1 roofs and Ford Transit Customer SWB.  All out VW roofs are pull tested with full certification documentation documents. 

We as a company tend to concentrate on the fitting of roofs, solar panels, roof rails and bars, and as a add on to this service we fit led lights and do carpet trimming and make and fit roof beds.  That is where we stop but we have a small collection of excellent conversion companies who you can trust you van with, they are dedicated to the job and will cut not corners, that I can promise.  So if it’s just a roof or a full conversion we can point you in the right direction.

What we don’t do is fit your roof in a day, I personally feel uncomfortable with this, if you can’t wait a few days for it then ask about our courtesy vehicle. Why rush it when we can take our time it’s not a race .

Our roofs cost a lot to produce and like most other companies in this business we are priced mostly the same, that’s because we use quality materials, cheap roofs means cheap materials, I’ve been there I know, we buy the best and stick to our price, lesson learned ..  



Car Pop Top Roofs